Quick charge Apple Watch

One of the novelties that are also added in the Apple Watch Series 7 that they have started selling today is fast charging. This charge requires a few minimums to be carried out and mainly the problem was in the charging cable that previously used USB A, which is now USB C and in the charger itself.

That is why the company explains the necessary requirements to carry out this load at a higher speed. In this sense, those users who have official Apple chargers with USB C connection can do so with any model. Those who do not have these official Apple chargers will depend on the USB Power Delivery protocol from 5W models.

Those from Apple must have at least a power of 18W to be able to offer this fast charge in the new watches, those that are not official from Apple will have to have the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) protocol to be able to offer this charge that offers a charge of 80% of the total battery in just 45 minutes. The important thing here is that we use the own cable that is added in the watch case and one of these chargers.

Again we have to say that these chargers are not included in the box of the new watch but it is possible to buy them in Apple stores. We find this maneuver really unfortunate even though we are happy with the fact that they finally add USB C to the cable connection. Apple also explains that fast charging for the Apple Watch Series 7 is not available in Argentina, India or Vietnam, but does not offer an explanation for this limitation in these three countries.

On the other hand, the advice here is to use “ready” chargers to charge our devices. Remember that there are quality chargers on the market at reasonable prices, you don’t have to buy from Apple if you don’t want to, but Please use a charger and charging cable with safety certifications to avoid problems.