Fashion – The official refresher of summer: The green color will star in wardrobes

In spring nature blooms and boasts a host of green hues, but this color will star in our closets this summer. Last year, it was the pistachio and lime tones that caught us, and this season two more green tones are added that refresh our style a bit: aqua green and chives.

The former is dominant and combines great with pink, earth tones and classic colors such as black, white and gray, or so it gives a relaxed and summery look. The municipality, on the other hand, is a darker and richer shade, which we would expect to see in the winter wardrobe. But he storms the summer fashions and blends in wonderfully with spice colors like saffron, giving the wearer a tailored and tight look yet full of life and color.

The secret to wearing green is finding the shade that shines and does grace with the skin of your face. There are shades of it that may be unflattering to the color of an editor, highlighting the darker parts inside, for example under the eyes and above the lip.

If you are solid in your clothing, you can upgrade your look with the green trend with a bag, shoes or jewelry. The biotic lovers will also give themselves green eye makeup, for a fresh and vivid look. Whichever way you choose not to incorporate it, it will help you remember forgotten tropical vacations.

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May Messiah, NIS 1,800 (Photo: PR)
NIS 229, MANGO (Photo: PR Abroad)NIS 229, MANGO (Photo: PR Abroad)
NIS 1,465, BASH (Photo: PR)NIS 1,465, BASH (Photo: PR)
Polka per mile, NIS 1,500 (Photo: PR)Polka per mile, NIS 1,500 (Photo: PR)
NIS 255, COS (Photo: PR)NIS 255, COS (Photo: PR)
NIS 1,290, JACQUEMUS for factories 54 (Photo: PR)NIS 1,290, JACQUEMUS for factories 54 (Photo: PR)
NIS 1,039, LOULOU STUDIO for Boutique 7 (Photo: PR)NIS 1,039, LOULOU STUDIO for Boutique 7 (Photo: PR)
NIS 1,245, MARC CAIN (Photo: PR)NIS 1,245, MARC CAIN (Photo: PR)
NIS 1,250, TOLEDANO (Photo: PR)NIS 1,250, TOLEDANO (Photo: PR)
NIS 149.90, ZARA (Photo: PR Abroad)NIS 149.90, ZARA (Photo: PR Abroad)
Versace for jewelry exchange, NIS 4,990 (Photo: Studio Versace)Versace for jewelry exchange, NIS 4,990 (Photo: Studio Versace)
NIS 92, NEXT website (Photo: PR)NIS 92, NEXT website (Photo: PR)
NIS 50, HAVAIANAS (Photo: PR Abroad)NIS 50, HAVAIANAS (Photo: PR Abroad)
NIS 239, PANDORA (Photo: PR Abroad)NIS 239, PANDORA (Photo: PR Abroad)