Family gatherings, under the spotlight of Health

We all want to celebrate the reunion after the very hard confinement experienced. It is logical the desire to stay, to group the family, to hug and tell each other how much they have missed each other in the distance. But beware! because the coronavirus that forced this separation is still there, looking for cells in which to continue expanding and that family group is a great framework to achieve it. Because from that small group that gathers around a table, the next day goes to the workplace of the father, sister-in-law, niece or cousin. And if they reside in other communities, then more field to continue infecting while circumventing the health trackers.

This was indicated yesterday (in other words), the head of the Coordination Center for Alerts and Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón, who assured that these outbreaks, small and controlled for the time being, are seen by those responsible for public health with concern for what that means of virus expansion and the difficulties that come with its control.

There are currently 51 active outbreaks, although a good portion are about to be closed. The most important are still those of Aragon and Lleida, this smaller but with some complexity, according to Simón. In fact, the epidemiologist indicated that the Generalitat is studying to carry out selective confinements to stop these outbreaks, something that Salut has not confirmed. “It is a measurement that is on the table and that I think is good that it is. Any overacting at this time is fine, “he said.

Simón, after detecting an increase in new infections at the end of the mobility restrictions, revealed that the figures have stabilized again. He assured that Spain is, at this moment, in an optimal situation regarding the control of Covid, although it is not necessary to let down our guard, especially since beyond Europe the pandemic is advancing without control. The possibility of reintroduction of the virus with imported cases is there.

To this situation, we must add the fact that more than 60% of diagnosed cases are asymptomatic, a percentage that does not stop growing and that pose another danger because these people are out of the health control (they are healthy and do not go to the center of health). Simón insisted that they transmit less, although he also recognized that, if they are many, they are a danger.

Is the citizenry relaxing in the prevention of Covid-19?

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