Facelift Friday: Bentley Bentayga – AutoWeek.nl

In the somewhat more exclusive part of the car range, time seems to go a bit slower than in more accessible four-wheelers. Cars that you see every day apparently age faster, while copies of exotic brands usually feel fresh for years. Take the Bentley Bentayga. It seems only a while ago that a shocked world was introduced to Bentley’s first SUV, but secretly the model has been with us for five years. It is therefore not surprising that Bentley opts for a solid refresher round.

In addition to the roof and doors, every panel will be renovated. The biggest news can easily be found at the back. The traditionally mounted butt with rectangular taillights gives way to a smoother whole that better suits the current Contintal GT and Continental GTC. The oval-shaped taillights of those cars are more or less adopted, although those of the Bentayga are of course slightly different. The license plate with the accompanying frame also moves from the flap to the bumper, creating space for a centrally placed logo and a ‘Bentley’ spread in stylish letters.

The new smaller rear lights are as a whole part of the tailgate, which is a lot wider and extends far into the side screens. This means that Bentley is forced to install an extra set of light units in the bumper, since the lighting must also be visible with the flap open.

Also on the front, the bumper is on the shovel, which mainly translates here in differently classified air intakes. What happens up there is interesting. With a quick show everything seems to stay with the old one, because the Bentayga has four round light units just like before. However, the photo combination below makes it clear that here too everything is slightly different. The light units are somewhat flattened, the sprayed nozzle head in the outer units has disappeared and the lamps are filled with the beautiful diamond motif that also adorns the viewers of the Continental series.

The grille is also worth an extra look. Of course, the fence retains its rectangular shape and historically sound chicken wire, but the frame is completely different. Where the grille was previously contained in a separate ‘frame’, the fence now connects directly to the hood. He also chooses another way through the front. Previously, the hood lay as an optical loose element on the wide front screens, now the V-shaped curvature combination is located in those screens and the hood is, as it were, cut out. The end result looks a bit tighter than before.

Bentley has not gotten easy with the facelift of the Bentayga. That is praiseworthy, but is it also an improvement? Say it!