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Charles Leclerc was hindered by two things at the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix. First, a helmet film blocked the opening of the brake cooler, so he had to visit his mechanics after just a few laps, and then at the end of the race he was penalized for driving too fast in the pit lane. The latter ended up in fifth place, the Monaco driver was only sixth due to the penalty.

At Ferrari, they believe that it was all started by Max Verstappen, who actually threw a helmet foil in the second lap, just as Leclerc was driving behind him.

This alone put the Ferrari driver at a big disadvantage compared to the Dutchman of Red Bull, but according to Mattia Binotto, the sensor that should have detected Leclerc’s pit lane speed overheated because of the incident. “Unfortunately, we didn’t use the normal sensors because they overheated because of Max,” said the team boss. Incidentally, Leclerc drove 1 km/h faster than the legal limit.

Verstappen threw away the foil because in the first laps it was so dirty by the drivers walking in the grass and gravel bed that he could hardly see through it. “I did not know. I hope it wasn’t mine, but that’s incredibly bad luck. You’re always afraid that this might happen to you, especially when you’re in the field on a course like this. This is the worst nightmare, but unfortunately it happens,” lamented the Dutchman.