Negotiations to limit the pay of Formula 1 drivers began late October last year. The proposal would maximize a competitor’s annual salary from $ 20 million from 2023 onwards. Mercedes seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is estimated to receive £ 40 million a season.

However, Franz Tost, team boss at AlphaTauri, sees this as much. “Yes, the contestants have to get money, but there can be no question of more than ten million,” he revealed. According to the Austrian expert, the stables have to choose between investing in making the cars better or spending the money on paying the pilots instead.

F1: The team boss would cut the pilots' salaries a lot 2

Franz Tost

“I think a real racer decides to upgrade a race car ahead of his salary,” Tost said.

It has been decided earlier to maximize the teams ’budget, which will be $ 145 million this year, $ 140 million next year, and $ 135 million from 2023, but does not include pilots’ salaries.