Max Verstappen was able to win Red Bull on its own track in 2018 and last year, and although it is not openly stated, this is the goal at the Austrian Grand Prix again this year. Compared to that, surprisingly behind, nearly a second behind Lewis Hamilton, who finished in the lead, he was only 8th in the Netherlands.

After the workout, it became clear why:

“I think it was a good day. Lap times don’t really mean much, as my fastest nail broke my first wing. But I think we can be confident. There is always room for improvement, but I think it was a good day overall, I can’t wait for tomorrow, ”he told Sky Sports in the UK.

Team boss Christian Horner also confirmed this:

“Alex had several problems, but we dealt with them quickly. Max was soft on the first pair of laps, but went with a broken front wing. But hopefully we can compete with Mercedes. Clearly they are the favorites, we have to try to put them under as much pressure as possible. ”