Two out-of-fault breaks proved enough for Max Verstappen to slip back behind Lewis Hamilton in the composite, but the decline in Red Bull’s performance over the past two weekends was also noticeable, although the Milton Keynes team won five races in a row ahead. This seemed to be best explained by Mercedes ’aerodynamic improvements, but Auto Motor und Sport came up with a new theory.

Mercedes is said to be kissing the fact that Red Bullt, mainly in terms of engine power, may have been caught by a technical directive from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) after failing to go green for four months on Honda’s resource management.

Although the Board of Supervisors has refuted all suggestions in this regard, the AMuS says it is not necessary to take the reaction for granted, not least because engine-related corrections are not usually disclosed.

F1: Suspected Mercedes, this may be Red Bull's secret 2

As the German body notes, there is mutual suspicion between rivals. Red Bull is believed to know that the Mercedes engine has become stronger with the development of the cooling system. “We’ve screwed everything out of the engine,” he cites the Brackley Guard, though all indications are that the story will still have a sequel after the summer break.

The championship fight from the Belgian Grand Prix also promises to be interesting, as Verstappen and Red Bull are expected to face further difficulties in the second half of the season. Before the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix, it was decided at Honda that the Dutch would also receive the third unit, which could be inserted without a penalty, after a crack was found on a damaged engine in Silverstone.

The next exchange, on the other hand, is no longer a free swim in Verstappen and there is no chance of being pulled out with a single unit for the remaining twelve races. In any case, you will have to reckon with a ten-place start penalty, just like Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc, both of their engines were more seriously damaged in the start-up accident in Hungaroring.