Honda announced months ago that it would be exiting Formula One at the end of this season, jeopardizing the continued role of Red Bull and AlphaTauri. It soon emerged as an opportunity for Red Bull to take the engine project further in-house, but there are many conditions for this.

Red Bull, for example, would like the engine development to be frozen because that is the only way to make the project financially sustainable. We still have to wait for the International Automobile Federation on this issue.

Sports boss Helmut Marko says the deal between Red Bull and Honda has already been reached, and the team wants to continue with the Japanese engines.

“All issues between Red Bull and Honda have been resolved,” Marko announced. The FIA ​​is expected to take a position on the development stop next week, but this would also require the approval of Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.

“Everyone is on the starting line, but there is no final agreement until we have written confirmation of the development ban. In any case, common sense would dictate that decision. ”

Red Bull doesn’t seem to have a Plan B.