By 2020, Ferrari has dropped significantly from previous years compared to both Mercedes and other teams. The biggest reason for this is to be found in the engine: the resource developed for last season was much weaker than the pre-existing, not entirely legally operating units.

The situation will not change much by 2021 either: although minor changes can be made during the winter and it is hoped the Italian engine will be at a minor disadvantage compared to rivals, experts say it will only flash big in 2022. According to sources, Ferrari is taking a risk and is preparing for the rule changes with a new, innovative concept, which has not been seen before in Formula One.

As a first step, the fuel cells are arranged like a Mercedes, the compressor and turbo are selected separately and connected to a shaft. However, the real novelty may be that the compressor is built into the six-cylinder engine, so it will have better cooling, lower weight and more space-saving total power.

If the idea works, the reds could gain a lot: the rear of the cars would be narrower, making it more aerodynamic, but the likelihood of technical failures could also increase.