The biggest event of the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix was in any case a clash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The two league rivals clashed in a rather strange way in the first sled: the Red Bull rose into the air and hit Hamilton’s helmet with its right rear wheel. The head of the seven-time world champion was also hit harder, complaining of the pain even later.

It was not really clear from the outside or onboard camera images how the car could hit Hamilton’s head, only one telltale photo showed the helmet meeting the wheel.

However, there is also a 360-degree camera on the nose of Formula 1 cars. The leadership of the sport was somewhat delayed, but they also shared these on their social interfaces. The unit mounted on Hamilton’s Mercedes recorded how the British helmet meets the right rear wheel as well as the floor plate. The more serious injury was avoided perhaps because the area behind the wheel was just above his head, and the halo, which, if not, could easily make us mourn another Formula 1 victim.