For a while, they certainly won’t be silent at Mercedes and Red Bull: the two teams jumped each other after the accident of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen after the British Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The energy drinkers move every stone to give Lewis Hamilton a heavier penalty, even in retrospect, than the ten seconds allotted to him. According to Martin Brundle, a Sky commentator, they may have the necessary evidence to do so. “Red Bull was told they could substantiate with data that Hamilton was driving into the Copse bend significantly faster than ever,” the former Formula 1 driver wrote.

“He couldn’t have taken the turn without sliding wide, and it was inevitable to touch Verstappen. This data is likely to come to light, ”Brundle added. “If Red Bull thinks new evidence has been found, they can appeal to the FIA ​​because they might think Hamilton’s mistake was bigger than they first thought and were too lenient in imposing the penalty.”