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George Russell finished fourth in the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix, and although Mercedes had a disappointing performance in Saturday’s qualifying session, it didn’t take long for the Briton to reach the podium, but in the end he couldn’t get ahead of Carlos Sainz.

“I have mixed feelings after today,” Russell told Sky Sports F1. “If someone told me last night I was going to be two seconds off the podium, I’d say that’s a nice reprieve, but the way we had two crappy laps and then the tires were out of range, I knew we lost that.”

F1: Could Mercedes have beaten Ferrari?  1

George Russell

“I think our race pace was better than Ferrari’s, even worse I think we are equal, but Max [Verstappen] soars.”

Ferrari didn’t have the best weekend in Spa without being beaten by Mercedes, as Sainz started from the front and finished third, while Charles Leclerc even lost fifth place in the heat – due to the team’s fault: