Valtteri Bottas completed one of the worst weekends of his career at last Sunday’s Grand Prix in Azerbaijan, the Finnish rider was completely lost in Baku. Bottas had previously demanded answers from Mercedes, but now he has received them – but there was not much thanks to him.

Mercedes technology director Mike Elliott said Bottas slowed himself down. “The settings for the two cars were pretty similar in Baku, the biggest difference was in the wing configurations,” Elliott explained.

“Lewis went with a lower clamping force, the amount that our simulations indicated was optimal. Valtteri chose a slightly greater downforce, which we predicted would be a little slower, perhaps a tenth per lap. ”

“Valtteri asked for this because he felt he could be faster with this setting. Baku is a special track where it is very important for the driver to have a good time in the car, no matter what the simulations show. ”