Explosion in Iran: “Israeli cyber attack”

The explosion that occurred in Iran’s Nanez nuclear facility is linked to a cyber attack carried out by Israel, the Kuwaiti al-Jareda reported Friday. According to a senior official quoted in the media, Israel is also behind the blast that happened last week at the Tarchin base near Tehran. He said these two attacks would delay the nuclear program for several months.

The source denied to Al Jaridah the report that the attack on Natanz was carried out by aircraft, claiming it was a cyber attack. He added that Iran would take at least two months to repair the damage, following the severe gas leak that slowed the rate of uranium production at the facility by 80 percent.

About a week ago, media outlets and social media users in Iran reported an unusual incident in the eastern Tehran region. Iranian news agency “Maher” reported that “a big explosion was heard in eastern Tehran and the sky was orange-lit”.

Iran: Great explosion east of Tehran (Photo: Twitter screenshot)
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Iranian authorities have begun an investigation into the explosion, which occurred in a military base whose name was previously linked to the Iranian nuclear program, according to foreign reports. Also, according to other publications, he appeared in the nuclear documents brought to Israel. State media reported that “authorities have launched an investigation into ‘bright light and loud noise’ in the eastern capital of Tehran.”

Remember, in the past, it was reported that Israel and the US were able to infect the Stuxnet virus into computers that were on the Nantes site nuclear program. Designed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program, shipped in 2007, after Iran began manufacturing centrifuges at the uranium enrichment plant next to Natanz.