Even more current cameras for measuring body temperature

Innovative functions for sensing and measuring body temperature on the surface of the skin are what many people want to have today, during the corona crisis. Especially if we are talking about companies or institutions where a large number of people stay. D-Link has introduced its DSC-9500T camera, which makes this possible.

DSC-9500T is actually an intelligent set of thermal cameras, a “black body” calibrator that provides precision and special management software (which can operate as many as 32 such cameras). The camera combines thermal imaging technology with artificial intelligence. Thus, with its help, we can easily determine whether a person has a fever. If the camera detects this, it automatically triggers an alarm or notification.

The technology is specifically designed to monitor large areas with large numbers of people – these are schools, factories, office buildings, airports and hospitals. The technology thus enables the rapid detection of individuals with elevated body temperature on the surface of the skin with an accuracy of up to 0.3 degrees Celsius. It can detect up to 30 people at a time and of course also measure their body temperature.

The device includes a high-resolution camera with a wide-angle thermal lens, as well as a thermal sensor that allows accurate results in identifying those in whom it detects fever. Together with the Full HD optical imaging sensor, the camera can create exceptional quality images that combine thermal and optical imaging into one. In addition to artificial intelligence and exceptional accuracy, the DCS-9500T also features intuitive face recognition technology integrated into the software.

The solution is compatible with the ONVIF system, which allows it to be easily integrated into existing systems. In addition, the camera includes support for PoE (Power over Ethernet), which makes it even more flexible for easy installation. You can find more at www.dlink.com