In China, it is said that it is not uncommon for a father and a son or a husband and wife to take turns behind the government to perform a transportation task. China’s Dongfeng Liuzhou Chenglong recently yanked the veil from a beaker in which longer-haul journeys can be completed without a hitch, as it has everything a person could need these days. The T7L is just a concept vehicle so far, but its reception has been very favorable, so it may also be in series production. Interestingly, it is registered as a RV, meaning it has a lot more extras compared to a field tractor.

Seen from the side, the T7L is just like an American beaker that boasts a strikingly large sleeping cabin. The cab of the vehicle is 75 centimeters longer than the basic version, thanks to which it is possible to install a reclining facility in the rear tract of the cab, which can function as a sofa during the day, but can be expanded up to 1.5 meters wide at night. Of course, there is also a bed with a thinner mattress, so that not only the driver but also his companion can put his head to sleep under the right conditions. The upper bed is narrower because there is more comfort equipment in the upper part of the cabin. These include, for example, a cabinet that includes a microwave and a kettle.

Even a woman can accompany you with this saddle 1

With this saddle, even a woman can accompany you 2

However, this is still nothing compared to what was built behind the driver. There is a cab behind the driver’s seat with a toilet and shower. This is not a common solution for a beaver, though it definitely has a raison d’être. In addition to the shower cubicle, there is a kitchenette with an induction hob and sink. That is, even a lighter hot meal can be prepared on board the T7L if someone feels like it. And to cool cold drinks and food, a fridge was built under a table that could be folded out of the wall behind the passenger seat.

With this saddle, even a woman can accompany you 3

With this saddle, even a woman can accompany you 4

So the T7L is all-ground to pamper its passengers as much as conditions allow. In addition to comfort, there is no complaint about the drive chain, as the beaker is driven by Dongfeng-Cummins’ 14-liter, 600-horsepower, 2750 Nm-torque diesel engine. The power source is connected to a 14-speed ZF gearbox with retarder. Being away from home with such a beaker is quite different for a long time, since the T7L is essentially the home itself.