Entry Units Down, Technical Handling of Suzuki Cars Increases Dramatically

DAPURPACU – PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) claimed that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of entry units to Suzuki’s authorized workshops decreased significantly by around 47% compared to normal conditions.

Motion limitations due to limited activities at the time the PSBB is implemented, and Suzuki car owners prefer maintenance and repair services at home, allegedly the main cause.

Even so, related to handling technical problems of customer vehicles sent by dealers have increased. During April to May, the average speed of analysis and handling of technical problems significantly increased to 300%.

Riecky Patrayudha, 4W, 2W & Marine Service Director of PT SIS said, the pandemic did not necessarily make the quality of Suzuki services to consumers decline.

“With a smaller number of working days than usual, we are able to optimize the investigation and thorough review of customer vehicle technical problem reports that are sent by dealers,” Riecky said.

“The results will then be forwarded to the Quality Assurance team for repairs and improvements in vehicle quality in the future,” he added.

He said, at this time Suzuki’s official workshop had implemented an integrated system that was used as a means of communication between Suzuki and the dealer, in following up on findings and technical problems of customer vehicles, which were still under a 3-year warranty period or 100 thousand km.

In this system, findings and technical problems reported by the dealers will be reviewed, analyzed, and verified by the Suzuki team.

Besides being submitted to Quality Assurance, the results related to the discovery of the problem were also sent to the factory to Suzuki Motor Corporation as the principal. So that the problem can be followed up to improve the performance and quality of the vehicle.

“Our ongoing efforts are very important to do, because this is part of Suzuki’s commitment to always provide quality services and products for customers,” he said.

“This is also a form of our responsibility towards the trust of customers who have accompanied Suzuki’s journey for 50 years in Indonesia,” concluded Riecky. [dp/MTH]