“Enlightened”: Crime documentary series on ZDF starts today with double child murder

As of today, ZDF is taking a close look at spectacular criminal cases that have gone down in German criminal history. It starts with a family tragedy from the 80s.

In August 1986 Melanie and Karola Weimar from Philippsthal disappear without a trace. After a few days the search ends with a sad certainty: the girls are dead. The parents are quickly suspected of murder. With “Parents under Suspicion – The Monika Weimar Files”, ZDF is launching its new crime documentary series “Enlightened – Spectacular Criminal Cases”. From 10.30 p.m., the psychologist Katinka Keckeis and the former profiler Axel Petermann reconstruct the Philippsthal case and the investigative work.

The second episode “False Tracks – The Fall of Walter Sedlmayr” leads back to July 1990 at the same time a week later. At that time, the Bavarian folk actor Walter Sedlmayer was found murdered in his apartment: tied up in bed, with condoms and a whip next to him.

The other five episodes of the seven-part documentary series are devoted to the well-known case of actress Ingrid van Bergen, who shot her husband in 1977. All episodes run from July 3 to August 14 on Fridays at 10.30 p.m.

ZDFinfo should also see the series “Cleared up – Spectacular Criminal Cases”, including four cases on July 18 from 8:15 p.m.