England: José Mourinho criticizes VAR and says field referee “does not make decisions”

Tottenham coach, Portuguese José Mourinho, expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of the video referee (VAR) in the defeat against Sheffield United (3-1), for the English football league, considering that “the field referee does not make decisions “.

“I can’t say what I think, otherwise I would have problems. I would be suspended and I don’t want to,” said Mourinho, after the defeat of the ‘spurs’, referring to the goal annulled to Harry Kane in the first half.

In the 33rd minute, the striker scored the goal that would give Tottenham a 1-1 draw, only that VAR indicated to referee Michael Oliver an infraction by Lucas Moura, who inadvertently touched the ball when he was knocked down, ending up assist Kane to complete the move.

“Whoever is on the field is not the referee. The referee is hidden in any room. The referee who is on the field does not make any decision. It is the reality. The lineman makes a decision, but it is the technology that ends up deciding. The referee [principal] does not decide any penalty, hand or foul moves “, noted the Portuguese coach.

Moreover, Mourinho refused to accentuate criticism of the referee: “I will not speak about Michael Oliver, because I want to be on the bench for the next game.”

With this defeat, the first since the resumption of the Premier League, Tottenham fell to ninth place with 45 points, further away from the places that give access to the next edition of the Champions League.

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