Elon Musk announces a revolution of full autonomy in Tesla vehicles [FILM] – NeeWS

The billionaire recently announced that Tesle will turn into fully autonomous vehicles later this year. But it is not everything. He claims that his vehicles are supposed to have superhuman abilities. Now Elon Musk wrote in a comment on Twitter that big changes are expected in 2-3 months. What will this great revolution consist in?

Tesles are to become fully autonomous. This means that you will not only be able to recall them from the car park and travel on motorways in automatic mode, but also recall them from the other end of the city or even the country, and later in a fully autonomous mode travel to anywhere without worrying about our safety.

In his opinion, Tesla vehicles will never have the inaccessible to people ability to cope with every possible situation. In many events, a person has no chance to react as quickly and efficiently as autonomous technologies. Musk said that man has two cameras, or a pair of eyes, while Tesle has eight cameras, radar, sonar and a powerful computing system. He can perform unimaginable 144 trillion operations per second to perform one or more of 15 different maneuvers.

Musk wants to enable current and future vehicle owners to make money on them when they are not using them at the moment. The camera installed e.g. in Modelch 3 is currently inactive, but when the fully autonomous Autopilot is launched and the car transforms into a self-driving taxi, it will be used to monitor the interior of the car and passengers traveling there. Thanks to this, the owner will be able to sit comfortably in front of the TV and watch on a smartphone whether passengers are not demolishing its property.

The billionaire revealed that his development team has rewritten the software that oversees Tesla vehicles. Thanks to this they will have new abilities. The first effects are already visible in the extension of the Model S range and better acceleration, but the most interesting is yet to come within 2-3 months.

Source: GeekWeek.pl/Elon Musk / Tesla / Twitter / Photo. Electrek