Electrical engineering training in Kaposvár from September 2020 – technocrat

Thanks to the cooperation of Robert Bosch Kft., The University of Óbuda and the city of Kaposvár, the electrical engineering training starting in September is strongly connected to the real industrial needs. Thus, during the studies of the electrical engineer at the University of Óbuda, students have many opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge on real, concrete projects.

The new BSc training in electrical engineering in Kaposvár aims to contribute to the widespread introduction of practice-oriented education as an important basis for dual higher education in Hungary. The University of Óbuda and Robert Bosch Kft., Which supports the development of the training program with industrial experience, are also committed to the creation of an Industry 4.0 laboratory network. This network provides exceptional training opportunities at both national and Central and Eastern European levels. The cooperation agreement between the two organizations also sets out common R & D & I development directions in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, precision farming and self-driving vehicles. It is planned that the specialists of Robert Bosch Ltd. will participate directly in the education and well-known academic experts will also be invited to support the program.

The aim of the technical training, which is now starting, is to transfer valuable professional knowledge to the students, who are oriented towards the industry and know the requirements of industrial employment, creating the basis for high-quality training. The aim is to enable engineering students to acquire the most up-to-date technical and technological knowledge in practice, so that they can take their place immediately after starting work and perform their tasks almost fully from the first day. According to the plans, the technical training starting in Kaposvár will be gradually expanded by 2030: BSc and MSc training in at least three specializations will also be part of the education, thus creating the foundations for multidisciplinary engineering training. In addition to the appropriate educational infrastructure, Kaposvár also offers students housing, leisure and sports opportunities. In addition, they are launching research and development projects with industrial partners, thus strengthening the competitiveness of the region and the country.