EL AL: Exchange of blows between management and pilots

El Al responds to the pilots’ announcement: “We are not dragged into a heated discourse and disrespectful of the media out of responsibility for the day we reach understandings and find the way to save El Al.”

EL AL team is preparing for the rescue flight from Melbourne Australia. El Al photography

Yesterday we posted Because El Al decided to outsource 500 additional staff to 100 aircraft, including 100 pilots. In response, the pilots committee said today that the company is trying to blame its pilots and escape responsibility, claiming that Russian oligarchs with Israeli citizenship are interested in the company and that new capital owners should be allowed to inject capital into the company. “Unfortunately, the Company’s Board of Directors continues to work to rescue the controlling shareholder, contrary to its public duty to save the Company.”

El Al notebook delivered:

“Following the announcement of the Pilot Committee, the company planned to launch essential cargo flights in July, as it did in previous months. As of the end of June, the company’s pilots refused to staff the flights and all company inquiries for its pilots to staff these flights were not answered for four consecutive days and after hundreds of inquiries. At the same time, the EZA committee refused the company’s requests to convert them to the streamlining plan, which is the state’s condition for assistance, in whatever route it chooses, in order to rescue the company from the crisis in which the entire aviation industry is located.

The attempt to divert the discussion to the need to be brought up to discuss the company’s holding structure is inappropriate. In light of the inability to operate the flights, the company adapted the active manpower. We are not dragged into a raging and disrespectful discourse in the media out of responsibility for the day when we come to understandings and find the way to save El Al.

El Al’s CEO and management team are determined to come to a conclusion on an outline of state aid, which will allow El Al to gradually return to regular and meaningful operations. The condition for its assistance is the signing of a streamlining agreement with the Histadrut and the workers, including the pilots. “

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