Edouard Philippe to Jean Castex: “You will know how to make the right decisions”

19h42 : Having left just an hour ago from Matignon, Edouard Philippe published a thank-you tweet. His successor is expected in ten minutes at 8 p.m. on TF1.

6:28 pm: Edouard Philippe leaves Matignon under a new long ovation.

18h25 : “As the President has decided, a new phase in the quinquennium is opening up. It is dictated by a new context. The health crisis is not over. The economic and social crisis is already here. The priorities will have to evolve, the methods adapted. We will have to unite the nation against this crisis. In continuation of the fundamental reforms that you have undertaken, thank you dear Edouard for your action for our fellow citizens. Your actions will remain at the service of France “, concludes the new Prime Minister.

18h23 : “A mayor of the South, of the rural world, comes to replace a mayor of the north of the Loire, of an industrial, maritime city. This is France, in its diversity, that we must more than ever reconcile, reunify, like you did. “

18h20 : “The French have gotten to know you, to see an Edouard Philippe style: courage, an essential virtue, height of sight, clairvoyance, elegance, in every sense of this term. I measure your emotion in the solemnity of this moment. “

18h17 : Jean Castex’s turn to speak: “You had to face the most serious health crisis that has affected our country, the world for many, many decades. It is under these circumstances that you kindly asked me to help you, for the deconfinement phase. I would like to testify here to your commitment, to the constant concern to protect our citizens. “

6.15pm: “It will be up to you, Prime Minister, to continue serving France, it’s a great responsibility, be good. As they say at my place, good luck”, ends the resigning Prime Minister, warmly applauded by the public. “Enough now,” he jokes.

18h09 : The former Prime Minister thanks everyone who has served in his government, as well as Emmanuel Macron. “I had great meetings for three years: sometimes elected, sometimes union leaders and sometimes full citizens, sharing their ideas,” he adds.

18h07 : Edouard Philippe to Jean Castex : “Knowing your intelligence, your fine knowledge of the State … I know that you will be able to make the right decisions. I wish you much success, success, for you and our country, which has not yet emerged from the health crisis. Our country needs an open mind and a firm hand, which you have. “

18h06 : Jean Castex and Edouard Philippe come out of the HĂ´tel de Matignon. The speeches will begin.

17h57: The interview is still ongoing between Edouard Philippe and Jean Castex at the HĂ´tel de Matignon.

17h32: The two men entered the building and should exit in a few minutes, as required by the protocol.

17h30 : The car of the new Prime Minister Jean Castex has just arrived in Matignon. Edouard Philippe welcomes him but does not shake his hand.

16h35 : Around 4 p.m., Edouard Philippe was seen by photographers surrounded by Republican Guards preparing to leave Matignon.

Photo Ludovic MARIN / AFP

15h58 : Re-elected mayor of Prades (PyrĂ©nĂ©es-Orientales), with almost 76% of the vote in the first round on March 15, Jean Castex specifies that his first deputy will be acting for the duration of his mandate in Matignon. “If the extent of these new functions will no longer allow me to exercise the office of mayor, I will remain a member of the municipal council,” he added.

15h45 : In a press release, the new Prime Minister Jean Castex says “measure (r) the immensity of the task “ waiting for him in Matignon. “The President of the Republic offered to appoint me Prime Minister. Given the exceptional circumstances in which our country finds itself, I accepted. “

14h42 : The transfer of power between Edouard Philippe and Jean Castex will take place at 5.30 p.m. in Matignon.

14h35 : Edouard Philippe, with whom Emmanuel Macron assured Thursday maintain a “unique relationship of trust”, will find the town hall of Le Havre on Sunday. But he will stay in close contact with the head of state because, according to his entourage, he agreed to “help the president” to “consolidate the majority», Weakened by the loss of an absolute majority in the Assembly, internal disputes and a fiasco in the municipal elections for LREM.

14h07 : With the choice of Jean Castex, who has a “techno” profile, elected local and senior civil servant, Emmanuel Macron goes hand in hand, after three years of cordial agreement with Edouard Philippe, who was gaining increasing weight in government strategy and in opinion. With more and more marked dissensions, notably for the pension reform.

13h56 : Jean Castex will be the guest by Anne-Claire Coudray within 20 hours of TF1 this Friday evening.

13h37 : Nicolas Revel, from the left and who also worked with Emmanuel Macron, will be the director of cabinet of Jean Castex, indicates BFMTV.

13h21 : Jean Castex combines the advantages to carry the second phase of the quinquennium: enarque, but in contact with the territories.

He “comes from the right but he is a social Gaullist”

His appointment “is a Macronian choice, consistent with the spirit of surpassing carried by the president for three years,” said one side of the presidency. This man, who “worked with Xavier Bertrand, Nicolas Sarkozy and Edouard Philippe”, “comes from the right but he is a social Gaullist”.

He is “perfectly versed in the mysteries of Paris and an expert on local and territorial realities”, “which combines experience of high civil service – he is a member of the Court of Accounts – and local mandates: both mayor, president of a community of municipalities and departmental advisor “, according to the ElysĂ©e.

“Paris and Prades is an important contrast in the period of plural reconstruction which is beginning”.

13h18 : The Presidency presents Jean Castex as “the man of successful deconfinement” who “is called at a critical moment in the health crisis”.

13h16 :He is a complete and versatile senior official who will be keen to reform the State and conduct a peaceful dialogue with the territories, “explained the ElysĂ©e. “He’s the man for the job” because, “known for working through dialogue and in a spirit of unity”, he “will be able to implement the reconstructions mentioned by the Head of State in his last expressions as part of the new path” of the quinquennium.

13h09 : He was widely re-elected mayor of Prades last March, at 76%. Languedoc-Roussillon regional councilor from 2010 to 2015, he was defeated in the 2012 legislative elections by the PS candidate Ségolène Neuville.

13h07: His name had been circulated at the end of 2018 to succeed GĂ©rard Collomb at the Ministry of the Interior.

13h05 : Two years before the presidential election, his appointment “has a lot of advantages for Macron” and “he says he can also annoy Xavier Bertrand” underlines one in the entourage of the ex-LR boss of Hauts- de-France, whose name comes up regularly to represent the right in 2022. Member of the Republicans, Jean Castex had supported the candidacy of François Fillon for the presidency of the UMP during the congress of autumn 2012.

13h01 : It’s a senior official who knows the world of health perfectly and is formidable in efficiency“, had summed up his predecessor, Edouard Philippe, when he was appointed on April 6 as coordinator of the national post-coronavirus deconfinement strategy.”He has an incredible good humor and sympathy, natural empathy and humility. He works at the speed of light while keeping a foolproof calm, “recalls a former ministerial minister of Xavier Bertrand, assuring:” I have never seen anyone so unanimously around him all time”.

12h54 : Until the beginning of the year, he was an interministerial delegate to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and chaired the National Sports Agency.

12h40 : Former collaborator of Nicolas Sarkozy and mayor LR (Les Républicains) of Prades (Pyrénées-Orientales) since 2008, he was commissioned by the President of the Republic to form a new government.

12h35 : Emmanuel Macron appoints Jean Castex Prime Minister to replace Edouard Philippe, according to a press release from the Elysée published this Friday at midday. The 55-year-old senior official had been commissioned by the government to prepare for deconfinement.