That he started bodybuilding is due to the fact that his doctors discovered at the age of three that he was almost deaf, presumably due to untreated ear infections. Because the boy did not hear well and therefore spoke worse, the other children made fun of him and beat him. Small Lou he therefore resorted to comics, especially adoring the Hulk. “I was obsessed with physical strength, I wanted to be strong so I could defend myself,” he explained why he started lifting weights at thirteen. After high school, he began participating in bodybuilding competitions and won several of them, and became famous in 1977 for the documentary Pumping Iron, which showed his rivalry with Arnoldom Schwarzeneggerjem.



The amazing Hulk brought him worldwide fame.


That same year, his dream came true: he became the Hulk in the TV series The Incredible Hulk (his normal alterego was an actor Bill Bixby). He played Hulk until 1982 and then in three more films, as a security guard he also appeared in two new Hulk films (2003 and 2008), he also lent his voice to the hero in the animated series (1996-1997). He was also Hercules (1983) and Sinbad (1989) and has played minor roles in numerous series and films, currently filming the biographical miniseries The Offer about the producer of the Godfather trilogy.



With son Lou Jr., wife Carla and daughter Shanna.


The actor has been married twice, the first marriage lasted only a year, and since 1980 he has been happily married to a psychotherapist and manager Carlo Green, with whom he has three children, Shanno (40 let), Lou Jr. (37 years old, actor, currently in the Specials series) and Brenta (31 let).