Draža Petrović, Branislava Antović and Milan Stanković (Sevdah Baby) comment on the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14 live on the Danas website 1

The finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, May 14 at 9 pm will be followed and commented on live on the Danas website, song by song, by Danas editor-in-chief Dragoljub Petrović, journalist and blogger Branislava Antović and musician Milan Stanković – Sevdah Baby.

In the live blog “Danas’s three-member jury”, each participating country will evaluate after the performance.

Eurovision 2022 will be my first follow-up to this event in many years, because this time we have a truly authentic and innovative representative, I would say, finally. I understand that there will be a lot of comic performances this year as well, on the edge or over the edge of kitsch, but that gives Eurovision that charm it has“, Says Milan Stanković – Sevdah Baby on the eve of Saturday’s final.

Draža Petrović expects that on Saturday, the small jury of Danas will choose a better song than the one that wins, but also that Serbia will explode at Eurovision, if it can’t explode in Europe.

“Every desperate singer loves to evaluate other singers, so this was my dream,” says the editor of Danas.

Branislava Antović says There is something magical in Ana’s appearance and songs and that this magic does not leave us from the moment she won and thus managed to first divide and then unite Serbia.

“Many have succeeded in the former, but the latter have succeeded in the latter. I can’t wait to see how it will seduce Europe and how, I’m sure, it will be one step closer to bringing Eurovision to Glibovac. And who knows, if politics doesn’t do its thing, maybe it will succeed. We will be there to cheer, and at the same time we will give some interesting comments on the account of other participants “, says Brana Antović before the finals on Saturday, May 14.

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