Dr. Lazić’s daughter claims: “The doctor against whom I filed a report for negligent treatment of my father is at the head of the commission that investigated the case, which is scandalous to say the least” | Society

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Dr. Nina Vujosevic, the daughter of the late surgeon Miodraga Lazic, addressed the public today

Dr. Nina Vujosevic, the daughter of the late surgeon Miodraga Lazic, addressed the public today and, as she claims, decided to take this step because she learned that the president of the Commission that was supposed to investigate the case of her father’s treatment was the same doctor against whom she filed the complaint. .

We are transmitting her statement in full:

“On the occasion of the report to the health inspection to the Ministry of Health, on the negligent treatment of my father, Dr. Miodrag Lazić, which reached the media in a way unknown to me, against my will, and without my knowledge, I declare the following:

I submitted the application on 15.05.2020. year to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia immediately after the lifting of the state of emergency. The report was then forwarded to the health inspection of the Nisava district on May 28, 2020.

The purpose of this statement is to find out the real truth, and that is that the report was not filed against the Clinical Center Nis, but against the doctors who participated in the treatment of my father, and whose names are listed in the report.

I would ask the public not to cast a shadow on the health system of Serbia, to which I myself belong, to which my father proudly belonged, especially in these difficult moments of the pandemic when the health system of our country is overloaded. It is completely inappropriate that this case is abused due to the behavior of individuals, and thus diminishes all the effort and sacrifice of the hero in white; Medical and non-medical staff who burn mentally and physically every day in kovid hospitals throughout Serbia.
I take this opportunity to express my great gratitude to the Minister of Health, Dr. Zlatibor Loncar, as a completely politically fearless person, whose personal contribution, support and engagement in the treatment of my father will remain immeasurable.

In the report sent to me on July 3, 2020. year by the health inspection of the Ministry of Health, after the report for negligent treatment, it is stated that the commission for internal supervision formed by the Clinical Center Nis did not find any omissions in the treatment or legal irregularities. The chairman of the commission that conducted the internal supervision is Dr. RJ, director of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Care, against whom the report was filed, so that he, as chairman of the commission, decided on any omissions for which he would be responsible, which is shocking, absurd, and in the least hand scandalous.

This is just another blow and mockery of the family, the law, but also common sense, as well as the reason for writing this statement.

The report states that the Ministry of Health will initiate external supervision on this report, in the fairness of which the family only trusts, because we believe that individuals cannot be above the system, because we hope that the Republic of Serbia is a country based on law and justice.

I am sorry that the name of my father and my personal name appeared in the media for this reason, exactly on the day when my father was posthumously decorated by the Diocese of Nis and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

I would also like to point out that the reason for submitting my application is not material gain, anger, rage, but only the desire for truth, justice and, above all, the peace of mind of my family, as my father would like.

As a young doctor, employed at KC Nis, at the beginning of my career, I am aware of the seriousness of the situation and the consequences it can cause; But as one dignified and brave man said, “Everyone told me to stay away, but I would never forgive myself for that.

Nina Vujosevic “