Dovizioso is considering a one-year break

How it transmits Sports Club, Andrea Dovizioso manager Simona Batistelja said that the Ducati driver could take a break for a year if he does not reach an agreement with the Italian team.

Negotiations between the two sides have been going on for a long time, since Ducati wants to change the terms of the contract due to the shorter championship this year, and thus reduce Dovizioso’s salary due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Batistelja said last month that he was 99 percent sure that an agreement would be reached, but the negotiations stopped because the Italian team is waiting for several races to pass before continuing them.

The problem for Dovizioso is that a few days ago he suffered a shoulder injury in a fall during motocross training, which is why he is still in question for the first race of the season, the Spanish Grand Prix on July 19. If the negotiations fail, Batistelja says that the Italian will consider a break.

“It’s a serious option. If our conditions are not met, Andrea would not continue. He does not consider withdrawing, he feels that he is strong, that he is in the best form of life. The truth is that if there is no interesting project, you are willing to wait until it appears. That does not mean that he will retire, but that he will not have a team and that he will wait for some interesting project “, Batistelja pointed out.

In case he decides on that option, Dovizioso’s options for 2022 are limited, since Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki have already reached agreements for drivers for the next two seasons. Jack Miller, who arrives at the Ducati factory, has a one-year contract.

Batistelja pointed out that Dovi did consider KTM, which in the meantime confirmed its drivers, but stressed that the Italian has no future there.