The hosts of the most listened Radio Aktual have connected with many musicians in the last days of this year and prepared a special musical surprise.

Together with renowned Slovenian musicians, the Aktuals decided to say goodbye to their old age in style – and so Aktual’s New Year’s Eve Kiss 2021 was born, which we heard and saw for the first time yesterday on Aktual’s Facebook profile. “Thus, after 21 years since the adaptation, which was created at the turn of the millennium, a new musical story began to be written and New Year’s Eve Kiss got a new disguise. I think we hit it off to the fullest, and we are more than happy with the first reactions, “ said enthusiastic Aktual leaders. Popular singers step in front of a music microphone for a new disguise of an evergreen music hit Miran Rudan, Vili Resnik, Dejan Dogaja, Tilen Lotrič and Aktual’s leader Klemen Bunderla with his radio family. The new image of the New Year’s Eve kiss is already reaping many successes, and you can also listen to it on Aktual’s Facebook profile.