Magyar Közút manages nearly 31,000 kilometers of roads nationally. In addition to the work on the pavement, their task is also the maintenance of roadside areas. It has to take care of about 200 million square meters of green surfaces. This year, this work will be carried out more actively, so motorists will regularly encounter machines performing mowing work on national roads, so the public road manager asks drivers for attention and understanding.

Starting from the spring period, the emphasis was placed on the pavement repair works in the first round, in order to ensure a more permanent restoration of the road defects that occurred during the winter period with warm asphalt. At the same time, due to the rainy spring and the already warmer weather of the last period, the vegetation of the plants started, i.e. the growth of the grass along the road, so the company could also start the mowing works.

In addition to the 31,000 kilometers of road network, there is a green area with the area of ​​about 30,000 football pitches. Magyar Közút carries out mowing works on such a large surface on schedule – and this year with greater frequency compared to previous years. This means that the first round of mowing is already taking place across the country, first on the expressways, then on the main roads, then on busier side roads and finally on the smaller access roads. These works will be repeated several times in the coming months, taking into account the vegetation and the available capacities.

Magyar Közút cuts weeds and grass from early morning to late afternoon, taking into account the weather conditions. Motorists should therefore expect to encounter slower-moving machines performing mowing work more frequently along country roads. In most cases, the works are carried out with moving diversions, motorists should drive carefully to avoid possible accidents from running into or irregular overtaking maneuvers.