Do you like a bamboo net or a lenticular card? These are Christmas presents too! – LUXURYMAG

Books, cosmetics, electronics – these are Christmas staples, which in most cases do not spoil anything. However, if the recipient suffers from originality and likes to be really surprised under the tree, then it’s time to grind into new, unexplored waters when choosing gifts. What original gifts are they a hit this year?

Reticle as hit number one

A huge comeback is celebrating this year
string bagwhich many people now proudly wear again. This purely Czech product, which was created in 1926, is coming to life again this year and has also undergone a change. In addition to the cotton variant, a bamboo version also appeared this year. “The bamboo fiber net is a completely revolutionary novelty. The fiber is super strong and can stretch to enormous dimensions. The advantage of bamboo over cotton is that bamboo does not need as much water, the plant itself grows very quickly. Pesticides are not used in the production and the fiber is antibacterial, “ says the owner of the Czech net brand Karolína Pechová.

Memory cards

That gives you a concept lenticular memory cards doesn’t he say anything? This foreign term refers to a unique tool for mastering English. It was created by Libor Činka, a specialist in memory and accelerated learning, and you can get it for 700 CZK. “Using unique memory methods and moving illustrations, one memorizes English words seven times faster. LentiCool cards are unique in that they also learn the correct pronunciation from native speakers. All you need is a smart phone, which you point to the card and she talks, “
brings your idea to the creator.

Donate health

Dietary supplements are a popular gift not only for grandmothers and grandfathers. Gemioptal Herbal It has a positive effect on eyesight, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, blood glucose levels and also on the joints and cartilage. “Gemioptal Herbal is a completely natural food supplement that was developed at our eye clinic. It contains herbs used by ancient Chinese medicine for their beneficial effect on eyesight. A balanced composition of herbs and superfoods helps maintain good eyesight, “ describes the product, the head of the Gemini eye clinic network, Pavel Stodůlka.

Photo: Pearmedia