Although the American computer technology giant created design trends and a brand cult with the iPod, iPhone and MacBooks, it largely stayed away from the automotive industry – not following but challenging the ballooning giant Tesla.

Even though Apple has been experimenting with self-driving vehicles since 2014 as part of the stopped-restarted Project Titan, its product has not yet been born, and today it is still left to our imaginations how an Apple Car would paint.

At the same time, an industrial designer, John Mauriello, left the question to the imagination of a computer, and DALLE-2, which focuses on the visual interpretation of language terms, entrusted artificial intelligence to create an Apple car.

Do artificial intelligences dream of an Apple car?  2

Halfway between a car and a mouse, in any case, it’s undeniably Apple

At first, he only asked for a “minimalist sports car”, to which he associated the terms MacBook and Magic Mouse (Apple’s mouse) and aluminum, and assigned the style of the former Apple chief designer Jony Ive to these, the machine’s meaning is a white, windowless, threw out a streamlined vehicle.

After “windows” and “mood lighting” were also included in the criteria, an even more believable car appeared in the newer pictures, with a little better elaboration we could even accept the end result as a believable Apple concept.

Do artificial intelligences dream of an Apple car?  3