Disinfector for iPhone raised $ 150,000 on Kickstarter – and you can buy it for now

Over the past few months, we have begun to sanitize our gadgets more often than ever. The blame for the coronavirus pandemic, which forced many to reconsider their attitude to hygiene. But if we wash our hands several times a day, then gadgets are usually disinfected only once. What is the point then in frequent washing of hands, on the one hand, if your iPhone still doesn’t matter during the day a large number of microbes accumulate? Which then you distribute around the house, laptop keyboard, refrigerator and so on. Not to mention that people often eat now and at the same time watch something on the iPhone. As always, a solution to the problem came to us with Kickstarter, and if the creators really put their brainchild into production, it will be a cannon.

While you wash your hands, your iPhone is also disinfected

Disinfector for iPhone

Hello – a non-contact disinfector from developers from California, which can be put, for example, in the bathroom right next to the sink, and every time you wash your hands, it in 30 seconds will kill 99.9% of all microbes on an iPhone. It is enough to lower the phone into the device (with dirty hands), and then get it already disinfected when you wash your hands. Since everything takes only half a minute, you just have time to wash your hands well (and not like some who just rinse them with water). And in appearance, all this stuff resembles an ordinary toaster.

At the time of writing, the device has already raised more than $ 160,000 on Kickstarter – this amount is enough for the developers to send not only the first batch (in the fall of 2020), but also continue development. Until fundraising still in progress, the cost of one MagBak Halo at this stage is estimated at 150 dollars. The retail price, according to the creators, will be 199 dollars. They promise delivery to anywhere in the world (therefore, they will also bring it to Russia).

How does this device generally disinfect? No, you don’t need to pour an antiseptic or alcohol there – with such success, an iPhone can be immediately thrown away. Powerful LED lamps are installed there, which shine with ultraviolet light and, thus, destroy most microbes. According to the developers, the distance between the phone and the lamps is optimal in order to kill bacteria and not harm the iPhone itself.

Promise complete disinfection in 30 seconds

How to handle iPhone from germs

In fact, such a gadget can be very useful. It is not known when the first wave of coronavirus will end completely, whether there will be a second or third. Or maybe in a couple of years a pandemic of another virus will come, and we will again have a repeat of the events of 2020. Such a disinfector will always keep the iPhone clean, because they correctly say that most of the germs accumulate on gadgets. We always carry them with us.

But I’m not quite sure that MagBak Halo will eventually see the light of day. The developers wanted to raise only $ 35,000, but now they have raised much more – no matter how it happened with many other projects on Kickstarter, which, inspired by such results, took money and closed. Alas, this is the reality of this crowdfunding platform. There are, of course, exceptions when fundraising is followed by product development (such as keyboards, adapters, cables, and other accessories), but often such offices do not produce anything as a result.

In March 2020, Apple revealed how to handle the iPhone from coronavirus. Cupertino recommends using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution or Clorox disinfectant wipes for disinfection. The main message of the company is that the danger of coronavirus continues to increase as it spreads around the world and it is very important to keep your devices clean, since they can act as carriers of the disease.