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The situation in the travel industry is tense and changing on a daily basis. In accordance with the changing epidemiological situation, the countries are changing their border policies towards other countries. Thus, as of July 1, some of the EU countries have opened their borders to the citizens of Serbia. Greece, unfortunately, withdrew the approval for the entry of Serbian tourists until July 15, but the situation is monitored daily.

Despite the opening of many borders and the beginning of the establishment of regular airlines, travel this summer is incomparably smaller than last year in the same period. A return to normal is not expected soon, and some experts warn that travel has changed forever and that there is no going back. Those traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic should adopt and respect new travel practices and protocols, to reduce the possibility of exposure to this dangerous virus. Wearing a mask on the plane and at the airport is implied, as well as maintaining distance, cleaning seats and important things in the hotel room (handles, remote control, bedside table, etc.). Passengers are advised to get enough sleep, regularly consume healthy food and good hydration of the body. But even when you return home, you need to take some preventive measures. Disinfection of travel items is one of the most important.

Nošenje maske spada u osnovne mere zaštite od virusa korona

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Disinfection after travel

The first and foremost thing after a trip is mandatory hand washing and disinfection. This simple action is taken for granted after leaving the house, and after the trip, it is especially important. On the trip, use every opportunity to wash your hands. Then, when this is not possible, use disinfectants. And after touching all those handles, counters, tables in cafes, and even the handle on your suitcase, which must have been touched by several other people, hand washing is mandatory. In fact, it would be best to take a shower and put on clean clothes after the trip, and wash the one you wore during the trip immediately.

Items to be disinfected

After all these months, the Covid-19 virus is still a great unknown to world scientists, and their new findings are influencing the creation of new guidelines for fighting the virus. Assumptions vary from the fact that virus particles stay on things from a few hours to several days, depending on the surface on which they fall. That is why it is good to disinfect all the things you used during the trip.

The first and basic thing after the trip is the obligatory washing and disinfection of hands

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Suitcase disinfection

Before entering the house, spray the wheels and the handle of the suitcase well with alcohol. If you plan to use the suitcase again soon, disinfect it completely. But if you don’t travel in the coming weeks, just wipe it off and put it away for sure, because the virus can’t survive on it for longer than this period.


Mobile phone and other electronic devices which you used during the trip, clean immediately with a disinfectant. The same goes for passport cover, glasses and glasses box, wallet, medicine box etc. Bag or backpack with personal belongings they must also be disinfected, because you have safely placed them on risky surfaces – under the plane seat, on a chair in a cafe, on a seat in a waiting room, on a counter, etc.

After all these months, the Covid-19 virus is still a great unknown to world scientists and their new findings are influencing the creation of new guidelines for the fight against the virus

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Disinfection of clothes

Of course, you put all your dirty clothes to wash after the trip. However, experts recommend washing all, even clean clothes which you carried with you. Be sure to clean or store the jacket or coat that you wore during the trip for a longer period of time.

After the pandemic

Disinfection measures during a global epidemic are crucial and must be implemented. However, hygiene on and after the trip is important at all times. So consider applying the practices you adopt after, hopefully soon, the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.. In busy places such as airports, bus and train stations, there is always a danger of infection with viruses and bacteria, which you can avoid by following these simple steps.

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