Digital Business Week: Virtual conference series starts on July 6th

For a week, industry experts discuss the most important trends relating to security / data, digital products, new work, infrastructure and future technologies at the “Digital Business Week” conference series.

How can data and applications be optimally protected in the cloud? What legal challenges do companies face in times of GDPR, Brexit and ePrivacy? What does a change to the 4-day week mean for employees and employers? How do companies already benefit from 5G today and what role can campus networks play?

Industry experts discuss questions like these for a week at first Digital Business Weeka virtual conference series from July 6th to 10th.

It will von organized by six specialist media and by der INTERNET WORLD Expo hosted.

The lectures and panels are aimed at Decision makers and experts. Current trends from the areas of security / data, digital products, new work, infrastructure and future technologies are discussed.

Digital Business Week: Stronger together

The special thing about the Digital Business Week: It is organized by the INTERNET WORLD Expo and bundles the know-how of six editorial offices from the Ebner Media Group.

Next with! professional are included:

  • Telecom trading – for the telecommunications specialist
  • Internet World – for online marketing and e-commerce
  • Dotnetpro – specialist magazine for developers
  • Page – the specialist magazine for design and media design
  • Professional Systems – the magazine for AV system integration
  • and Computerworld Switzerland – The IT specialist magazine from Switzerland

Highlights from the program:

  • New Work – the digitization of the workplace
    [[Moderation: Waltraud Ritzer, hosted by Telecom Handel]In conversation with: Nikolaus von Johnston, CEO Savecall telecommunication consulting GmbH
  • “Work 4.0: From 4 days a week to work shifting”
    [[Moderation: Jürgen Mauerer, hosted by com! professional]In conversation with: Elisabeth Felberbauer, Managing Director Bike Citizens; Jens Wiesner, founder and owner of WirtschaftsSein; Judith Klups, co-founder and managing director of future agents
  • This is how artificial intelligence will change communication
    [[Moderation: Waltraud Ritzer, hosted by Telecom Handel]

    In conversation with: Ralf Mühlenhöver, Managing Director voiXen GmbH
  • 5G inspires companies
    [[Moderation: Boris Boden, hosted by Telecom Trade]In conversation with: Frank Schmidt-Küntzel, Sales Manager M2M at Telefónica Deutschland;
    Hamid-Reza Nazeman, Country Head Germany bei Qualcomm