Diet to lose 10 kg in one month

The diet to lose 10 kilos in a month is a great challenge, which requires constancy and perseverance. To achieve this goal, it is important first of all to consult a nutritionist, in order to avoid negative consequences on one’s health. Then there are some good habits that can help you lose 10 kg in a month, such as eating slowly, getting enough sleep and exercising. Among the recommended foods, we find fruit, vegetables, fish, lean meats and whole foods.

Diet to lose 10 kg in one month

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The diet for lose 10 kg in one month is a diet that sets itself a specific goal: to lose the excess pounds accumulated after the Christmas holidays or get back in shape before the summer period. On the one hand we allow ourselves more saggar, we indulge our most greedy cravings and end up with a silhouette that we don’t like. But on the other hand we are also sensitive to swimsuit test stress, a reason capable of making us resist even restrictive regimes.

Reaching such a goal, however, can really be a great challenge and requires a lot of constancy and perseverance. Losing 10 kg in a month is not impossible, but to be able to do it, you need to talk to a nutritionist o one dietician. We are in fact talking about a not indifferent weight loss, for which it is first of all necessary to protect health and therefore to act with the due criterion.

In any case, if you actually need to lose 10 kilos right now, embarking on a slimming journey will do you good not only from an aesthetic point of view, but it will also and above all prove to be important for improving your health. In fact, such an overweight can expose you to a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and pathologies such as diabetes.

In this article we want to inform you about the tips to lose 10 kilos in one month, the contraindications of a too restrictive diet and the guidelines for following a balanced weekly slimming plan. As you will have understood, these are general suggestions to better understand the dictates of this type of diet, but we reiterate that only a professional can draw up one tailored to your needs.

Weight loss diet: 5 tips to lose 10 kg

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Before seeing what to eat to lose 10 kilos, let’s talk about the correct one lifestyle. It is precisely that, in fact, that will allow you to reach your goal and lose weight without gaining weight again after a few months. Read the tips and tricks to lose weight, and put them into practice gradually, day after day, in order to improve your well-being permanently and effectively.

Eat slowly

Have you ever heard of the mindfulness? This word literally means “awareness” and it is a discipline that encourages you to be aware of the moment you are experiencing, even while eating. Chew each bite slowly, savor the foods you are consuming, breathe and take time for yourself, to nourish your body, to take care of your well-being.

Slow down and enjoy your meal. This simple exercise will allow you to feel a sense of satiety for a long time and you will avoid the classic diet-sabotage mistakes.

Get enough sleep

What does sleep have to do with diet? It does come in! You must have had a sleepless night, right? The next day, in addition to a relentless daytime sleepinessyou will have certainly warned even a perennial fameindeed, more than anything else it was a constant craving for snacks, sweets and unhealthy foods.

It is the effect of lack of sleep. Sleeping well, going to bed and getting up at regular times is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Training to lose weight

We often tend to forget about it, but sport is essential for anyone who wants to lose weight, especially if you intend to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way. L’aerobic exercise (so-called cardio training), for example, increases the heart rate and will allow you to burn more calories, therefore accelerating weight loss. For best results, perform at least 45 minutes of physical activity three times a week, or reach the 150-300 minutes of daily sport recommended by experts.

In addition to running to lose weight, the recommended sports for fast weight loss are I swim, cycling, strength training, dancing. What matters most is that you choose a sport that is fun and involves you, so that you don’t even feel like you’re making an effort!

Get off the scale

Weighing yourself every day is useless, except to discourage you and push you to throw in the towel. You don’t have to weigh yourself all the time. Just do it once every 10 days and at the end of the month, to find out what and how much progress you’ve managed to make.

be patient

We know that your goal is to lose many pounds in a month, but what matters most right now is that you don’t try to overdo it to lose weight too quickly, putting your own health at risk. When following a diet you need to be patient and costanza. Take it one step at a time, making small changes gradually and sensibly, so you can maintain results in the long run.

The rules for losing weight with a diet are simple, but sometimes it is difficult to put them into practice consistently. Eating better, playing sports and not skipping meals are the three main pillars to follow. To lose weight it is important to eliminate the consumption of sugary and/or carbonated drinks and that of foods rich in sugars.

It will also help to reduce the consumption of cheese, red meat and refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, sugary breakfast cereals and prepackaged foods. For better results you may replace refined grains with quinoa, oats and brown rice.

Large space should instead be given to vegetables, fruit, fish, legumes, lean meats and whole grains. Drink a lot during the day water (at least 2 liters a day), in order to help the body eliminate excess toxins and keep you hydrated. If you want to speed up the loss of fluids, focus on diuretic and purifying herbal teas or birch sap.

Below we see an example of a weekly menu with the most suitable foods to eat for breakfast, mid-morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and dinner.

The menu that we will report to you includes the foods we have already mentioned, such as whole grains, fish, lean meats, quinoa and other foods that make you lose weight and nourish you in a balanced and complete way. Let’s look at the different options for your diet.


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This meal must be complete and nutritious (no, a quick coffee and biscuit is not a good breakfast). Therefore, prefer foods such as:

  • Toast with egg
  • Sugar free cereals
  • Yogurt and fruit
  • Oat bran flakes and unsweetened almond milk
  • Skimmed milk
  • Protein pancakes
  • Greek yogurt (you can also make your own yogurt if you want)
  • Unsweetened tea or coffee.


Many people skip the mid-morning or afternoon snack and thus arrive at mealtime practically hungry. As a result, they end up overeating at lunch or dinner, thus nullifying their efforts to lose weight. The snack it should be light and filling and could include foods such as:

  • A square of unsweetened dark chocolate
  • Low-fat yogurt (if you didn’t have it for breakfast)
  • fresh fruit
  • Nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts.


Lunch must represent a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables. You could then opt for foods like:

  • Turkey breast
  • Egg
  • Pesce
  • Feta
  • Mozzarella
  • White meat
  • Verdure
  • Avocado
  • Quinoa
  • Legumes
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain bread.


Finally, what to eat for dinner to lose weight? A useful tip is not to eat heavy food before bedtime, as it could affect the quality of your sleep. Among the most suitable foods for dinner are:

  • Fish (e.g. grilled salmon or fish stew)
  • Rice
  • Tempeh o tofu
  • Grilled chicken
  • Edamame soy
  • Seasonal greens and vegetables
  • Whole grain bread
  • Pumpkin
  • Hummus.

Diet to lose weight 10 kg: are there any contraindications?

The answer to this question is “it depends”. If the weight loss diet is formulated by a dietician or nutritionist, there will be no risk. The doses of food and the calories to be taken daily are not the same for everyone, and vary greatly based on initial health conditions, lifestyle, body structure and age.

Questions like “how much to eat a day to lose weight” o “how many calories a day to eat to lose 10 kg in a month” are therefore harmful, since they are based on the assumption according to which every body and every metabolism are equal to each other.

If the diet you are following makes you often feel hungry or weak, it means that it is not suitable for you and in the long run you could develop nutritional deficiencies or other health problems. So beware of diets like the pineapple one, which promise miracles within a very few days: in cases like these, not only can the diet not be sustainable, but the lost kilos will be recovered quickly and health problems could arise.

Give yourself the right time to lose weight in a healthy and lasting way and always remember to consult a doctor before following any diet plan.


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