Did the arbitrators damage her? After the loss to the Czech Republic, the Slovak talent refused it sports – MMA – Sport

The Czech Tereza Bledá became the winner of the category of women up to 60 kg within the Oktagon Underground mixed martial arts project.

In the main match of Saturday’s “super-final” gala evening in Brno, she defeated Slovakia Lucia Szabová for points (30:29, 28:29, 29:28).

This verdict provoked a wave of dissatisfaction. Bledá tried to takedowny in the match, but she did not succeed very well. Szabová was able to eliminate them, she was more active in her attitude and in the end she had more strength.

However, Slovak and Czech fans agree that the referees damaged Szabová. However, the 22-year-old Slovak refused.

“I think the result is fair, I am not disappointed with the judges. A lot of people immediately wrote to me that they had robbed me, but I don’t think so. Congratulations to the opponent, “Szabová quotes MF Dnes.

During the whole duel, Bledá tried to takedowny (catching her opponent by one or both legs and subsequent jerk – editor’s note), but they didn’t work out very well.

On the contrary, Szabová dominated the attitude, had a more active impression and, in particular, had more strength in the end. Therefore, her defeat upset Czech and Slovak MMA fans.

Among men up to 70 kg, Tadeáš Růžička dealt with Marco Novák knockout, in the category up to 80 kg Matouš Kohout defeated Ronald Paradeiser for points and in the weight up to 100 kg Daniel Škvor won over Ivan Bartek in the TKO way.

Oktagon Underground – Super-Final:
of 60 kg: Lucia Szabová – Tereza Bledá / Bledá on points /
of 70 kg: Tadeáš Růžička – Marco Novák / Růžička KO /
of 80 kg: Ronald Paradeiser – Matouš Kohout / Kohout na body /
of 100 kg: Daniel Škvor – Ivan Bartek / Škvor TKO /

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