DF: We support the activities of filing a lawsuit against Šmit 1Photo: klix.ba

The Democratic Front expresses full political support for the activities of the Party for BiH in connection with the filing of a lawsuit before the European Court of Justice against Kristijan Šmit, the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the statement of this party.

“It is obvious that the high representative, contrary to his basic and primary task, is completely on the side of the Republic of Croatia, which through its branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina is trying to usurp part of the sovereignty of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Instead of reacting decisively to such attempts, Šmit put himself in the role of an actor who actively supports the violation of the sovereignty of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the DF press release states.

They further believe that Schmidt is only prolonging his intention.

“Given that Šmit did not give up his plans to impose an apartheid system, but only prolonged the adoption of a solution, we support the initiative of the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we believe that the civil and legal struggle against the undermining of the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina is of equal importance”, it is concluded in announcement.

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