Developing countries are also looking for a coronavirus vaccine

The World Health Organization registers 170 institutions that are trying to develop their own substance against covid-19. There may be over 280, as expected by the British analytical company Airfinity. Fifty of them operate in developing countries, ie countries with a lower standard of living.

“It’s caused by the fear factor,” explains Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the vaccine distribution alliance. According to him, poorer countries fear that when the active substance is available, their inhabitants will be at the bottom of the list when distributing benefits, or will not even get to it at all. They do not want to wait with folded arms for rescue from Europe or the United States.


Number of infected: 380 thousand

Number of deaths: 8050

GDP per capita: $ 11,684

“We could not stay at home. We wanted to use our knowledge in the fight against the pandemic, “says Argentine immunologist Juliana Cassatarov√°. He and his 12-member team have been working on vaccine development in Buenos Aires since March. In May 2020, they received a government grant of one hundred thousand dollars. They will be able to start testing on humans in six months, although they admit that it will be very difficult to succeed. Just because superpowers like the United States or China spend billions of dollars developing a vaccine. “Perhaps Argentina will not have to watch from a distance as other pandemic nations vaccinate their way out,” Cassatar hopes.


Number of infected: 128 thousand

Number of deaths: 1795

GDP per capita: $ 9813

Researchers in Kazakh laboratories under the Ministry of Education and Science have been looking for the vaccine since mid-March. “The Kazakh coronavirus vaccine was developed on May 9 and registered with the World Health Organization for preclinical trials a few days later,” the ministry boasted at the end of July. However, it is a long way to win. The Caspian News server said on Wednesdaythat Kazakhstan is going to buy more than two million pieces of the Russian vaccine Sputnik 5, the effectiveness of which Western countries generally doubt. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed by the Kazakh government.

We don't want people to complain on Facebook, says government commissioner for digitization Dzurilla


Number of infected: 53 thousand

Number of deaths: 1011

GDP per capita: $ 2,028

“We are not only worried about Nigeria, but about Africa and the whole world,” explains Oladipo Kolawole, head of the Nigerian company Helix Biogen Consult. His company is planning early animal testing. He does not want a repeat of the situation in 2006, when rotavirus vaccines distributed in poor regions were not as effective as those in higher-income areas. “It’s better to try to solve problems on your own,” added Marie-Paule Kieny, a former World Health Organization representative and current researcher at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research.


Number of infected: 3410

Number of deaths: 58

GDP per capita: $ 7,274

Thais are also trying to develop their own anti-coronavirus “weapon,” although Thailand is one of the countries least affected by the pandemic. Researchers at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok are developing the vaccine. They work with a similar technology used by the American biotechnology company Moderna. Originally, they wanted to start testing on volunteers in September, but had to postpone testing until December. If successful, the country could have a vaccine in the second half of 2021.