The National Assembly passed the law on additional measures to prevent the spread, mitigate, control, recover and eliminate the consequences of covida-19 on Monday. Today, the National Council renounced the possibility of voting on a suspensive veto, and the deputies then decided with 46 votes in favor and 19 against that it cannot be challenged in a referendum. This provides a legal basis so that the law can be enforced more quickly.

The value of the measures in the new anti-crown law is 280 million euros. Among other things, it brings new solidarity allowances, liability for complications in the event of vaccinations or the use of covid-19, the extension of the use of tourist vouchers and unused leave, and the reimbursement of the costs of rapid tests to employers. It also temporarily raises the upper limit on the classification of doctors and dentists.

Deputies from LMÅ , SAB, SD, Levice and NP voted against the decision that a referendum cannot be called on the law.