Democrat Rep. Young-Hwan Oh shakes hands with corona19 confirmed men to be examined

On the afternoon of the 3rd of the plenary session to deal with the third supplementary budget (additional correction budget), the National Assembly is keenly aware that Democratic Party member Young-Hwan Oh (Uijeongbu Gap, Gyeonggi-do) has been contacted by corona 19 confirmers.

Representative Younghwan Oh 2020.3.25

The National Assembly opens the schedule for the plenary session scheduled for 7 pm at 3 pm and opens at 10 pm, considering that the results of prosecutor Oh’s inspection will be around 8:30 pm on that day. The Democratic Party is urgently refraining from external activities by identifying the list of members who have urgently contacted Congressman Oh.

Representative Oh said on the day, “Citizens who were shaking hands at a local event in Uijeongbu City at 6:30 pm on the first day were notified that they received a corona confirmation decision. It was announced.

Assemblyman Oh said, “Self-isolation until the results of the test are presented.” “There are no symptoms at present, but those who have come into close contact with me from the last 2nd to today, please consider considering the suspension of activities until the results of my test.” He added, “I reported it to the National Assembly’s situation room, but I am urgently notified because the situation seems to be delayed.”

There is tension in the National Assembly over the news of Senator Oh’s corona. Assemblyman Nak-yeon Lee delivered a speech at the invitation of the Unification Minister Lee Jong-seok, held at the National Assembly House this morning, and it was confirmed that Assemblyman Oh attended the lecture. Lee, who heard the news, returned home.

On this day’s Facebook page, Lee said, “I remember that I attended later than expected and left early, so I didn’t make any contact with Congressman Oh for a handshake, etc.” I started self-quarantine from 1:50 during the day,” he said. Lee is planning to wait at home until the results of the prosecutor’s inspection are available.

In addition to this, about 30 lawmakers including Woo Won-sik, Park Joo-min, Jin Sung-jun, and Choi Hye-young, who visited the same place as Assemblyman Oh on this day, decided to refrain from outside activities and wait in the office until the results of the prosecutor’s inspection. Assemblyman Woo Won-sik said, “We cancel all schedules this afternoon and wait in the office.”

As the schedule for the plenary session was delayed on this day, the Democratic Party also postponed the schedule of the general assembly, announced at 6:30 pm, to 9:30 pm.