Apple was not going to get rid of the global crisis so easily by the squash crisps. While it is true that there have been processors to manufacture a first batch of the new iPhone 13 large enough to withstand the pull of the first orders, with the Apple Watch this has not been the case.

It is unusual for Apple to launch a new device and have no stock to ship immediately. Two factors influence this: the global shortage of processors, and the large number of different combinations between finishes and belts that you can order from the Apple Watch Series 7.

It is clear that Apple has production problems for the new Apple Watch Series 7. We already sensed that at the event «California Streaming»Last September. In this keynote, the new series of the company’s smartwatch was presented, but without a launch date. They just said it would go on sale in October. Not even they themselves knew then when they would have the first units manufactured. A very unusual case in the company.

And the proof that the problems to manufacture it continue is that today it has been put on sale, and it can already be reserved, with the first deliveries scheduled for October 15. In a few hours, the company has practically out of stockSince many of the more common trim and strap combinations already have a delivery date of late October or even mid-November. Something very strange at Apple.

One of the excuses could be lots of different combinations that you can get to ask for the Apple Watch Series 7, making it difficult to have stock of all of them, but the truth is that this diversity has always existed, and there have never been stock problems on the same day of the launch of a new series.