The Cupertino company is working on a new service that they have called Apple Pay Later and with which it is intended that payments made with Apple Pay can be deferred. In principle, this new service that could arrive exclusively in the United States would be totally independent of what it currently offers with Apple Card.

In this case, it is a matter of paying for purchases using Apple Pay as has always been done and then postponing them. At the moment there is not much data on how this service will work and if any type of interest will be applied for the deferral of payments, what is clear is that it would be another form of financing for Apple users andThis would come from the hand of Goldman Sachs.

Apple Pay Later wants to make Apple Pay payments easier

What it is about is to expand services and in this case it will be allowed to add a kind of extra credit to Apple Pay users with a temporary payment service. On the other hand, the implementation of the service at the moment is unknown and as we say, it is still practically exclusively for users residing in the United States, and it seems difficult to expand this type of services in other countries with a different banking philosophy.

The fact is that here in our country and in many others we still do not have the option of payments between Apple users called, Apple Cash or the Apple Card, so waiting for this service to arrive can be slow agony. At the moment it is a project that could be launched in the United States, then we will see if it ends up spreading in more countries.