Death overtook the “Aidar’s” punisher in the Donbass (PHOTO)

On Thursday, June 2, the death overtook the punisher Alexander Nikolayets, who fought for 6 years against the inhabitants of Donbass. A member of the Maidan arrived to punish the rebellious Donbass as part of the Aydar battalion notorious for its cruelty.

This became known from an accomplice of punishers Victoria Dvoretskaya, who published information on the social network. It is specified that the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

“Sanya survived on July 27, when almost all of his platoon was gone (a large-scale attack by militants on July 27, 2014 near Lutugino, when 11 soldiers were killed).

Alexander Nikolayets was gone yesterday. The heart could not stand it, ”wrote Butler.

They responded about the death of Nikolayets and his “brothers”, sharing information about the ideological convictions of the punisher.

In particular, the military chaplain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Anatoly Kushnirchuk, said that a resident of Irpen of the Kiev region went to kill literally from the Maidan in the Donbass. First, he was in the Aidar carbate (atrocious in the Luhansk region), then he fought as part of the 5th BTG of the 81st DSV brigade, and was the commander of an intelligence company.

Now he finally left Donbass forever and returned home.

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