DeadEndia: a new Netflix animated series is coming soon

Blink Industries, the production and development studio appointed to the Bafta, together with Netflix announced the production of a new 2D animated series entitled DeadEndia, based on the comics of Hamish Steele.

DeadEndia is based on the eponymous comic series created by Hamish Steele and follows the adventures of Barney, Norma and the speaking magic dog by name Pugsley, inside a spooky theme park in which they work during the summer holidays. To accompany them in their battles against the forces of evil, there will be a demon with more than a thousand years called Courtney, who will guide them in the fight against hordes of zombie mascots, demonic shows, witches who drain sleep and … their first loves.

The series will be produced by the London studio Blink Industries and will be premiered worldwide on Netflix in 2021.

Hamish Steele he collaborated, thanks to his artistic talent, to many comic book tie-ins of different animated series, such as Adventure Time, Steven Universe e The Regular Show and in a recent interview, about DeadEndia, said:

DeadEndia talks about terrifying demons, vindictive ghosts and mysterious magic. It also talks about what it means to come of age in a world that was not created for you. It is a drama about the newfound family, identity and errors. And of course it’s a comedy that will make you laugh out loud! […] I’ve always dreamed of making the series that I needed as a gay, lonely and obsessed with horror guy and thanks to Netflix and our team of ridiculously talented, different and representative writers, we made something that goes beyond my dreams and the territory wilder than my imagination! “

The comics of DeadEndia they have been praised for capturing the growing pains of young adults with a wide range of identities and experiences, including Barney, a transgender teenager and Norma, a neurodiverse girl (suffering from some sort of autism).