DAS at Red Bull? It must first prove feasible ‘

7:50 – Max Verstappen does not yet know whether Red Bull Racing can take action with the DAS system during the 2020 Formula 1 season. The Dutchman says ‘he would like to have everything on the car’, but immediately adds that copying the Mercedes innovation must first prove feasible. Friday night, the FIA ​​finally approved the much-discussed system for use in 2020.

Mercedes first caused a sensation in Barcelona with Dual Axis Steering and immediately got many hands on each other. But at Red Bull there was not only admiration, foremen such as Helmut Marko and Christian Horner were also skeptical. Because is a system with which a driver can change the angle of the front wheels while driving actually legal? The FIA ​​judged it again on Friday, at least during the 2020 season – no more after that.

After this message, the question remains whether other teams – including Red Bull – will copy the system. And whether people want to invest millions for an innovation that can only be used for a few months. “I think that question has already been answered,” said Verstappen during the first race weekend of 2020. The Dutchman pointed to earlier statements by Marko and Horner, who had already indicated that copying DAS is not yet an abc. “With such a short calendar it will probably be difficult to enter, but we’ll see. Whether I want it on the car? Well, I want so many things on the car, but you also have to remain realistic . ”

Mercedes drivers have not been awake from Red Bull protest
Before Red Bull possibly wants to continue with copying plans, the FIA ​​was first asked for clarity. That clarity will be available to all parties after Friday, although the Mercedes drivers have not doubted the legality of DAS for any time. “I absolutely didn’t take into account that the team would send us something illegal this weekend. I assumed that the team would be well prepared in case other teams questioned the legality. So I didn’t really worried “, Bottas said during the online press conference. Hamilton appeared to have a similar opinion. “I wasn’t bothered about it either, since I’ve been with James before [Allison, technisch directeur] and the rest of the team had spoken. It made me feel comfortable knowing this great idea would be legal. “

Verstappen did not wish to comment further on Red Bull’s protest against Mercedes. “No, but it is not at all up to me to make a judgment about that. I like to leave things like that to the team. Moreover, I am not the one who has lodged the protest, I focus solely on driving the laps “, concluded the Limburger fairly sober.

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