Danish electricity supplier makes it easy and cheap to be a holiday home owner

Now it will be easier and cheaper for Danish holiday home owners to get control of the electricity in the holiday home.

Danish electricity supplier makes it easy and cheap to be a holiday home owner 1
Barry’s app is free and can be downloaded from the AppStore and GooglePlay

The electricity supplier Barry gives their customers up to three addresses under the same subscription, so you can add the cottage for free and see the consumption live in their app.

Many Danes are on holiday in a holiday home on Danish soil this year, and this increases the demand for a better overview of how much a trip to the holiday home actually costs. Danish holiday homes are often fully or partially heated with electric heating, and because we only use the holiday homes periodically, it can be easy to lose track of what the consumption in the holiday home costs. At the same time, most people pay for an electricity subscription to every address they have, which amounts to unnecessary bills of several hundred kroner a year for the Danish holiday home owners.

At the Danish startup Barry, the mission is to give Danes a smarter and cheaper power consumption, and this also applies to the Danish holiday home owners, who can now add the holiday home to their Barry subscription for free. If you pay an electricity subscription to your holiday home of, for example, DKK 39 a month, this means a saving of almost DKK 500 a year just on a subscription. It thus breaks with a normal, where holiday home owners pay unnecessary subscription costs to the same electricity supplier, in order to have electricity supplied in their holiday homes.

For Barry, though, it’s not just about the free subscription. The company, which was founded in 2018, will challenge the Danish electricity industry by giving customers control over their electricity consumption, so they can use electricity smarter, greener and cheaper. As a customer, you get electricity at the purchase price, and in their app you can always see how much the electricity costs now and in the next 24 hours, as well as how much you have spent and what you have paid. You pay the bill on an ongoing basis, so the large quarterly bills in the mailbox have been replaced with an overview in the app, where you can actually see how much you have spent hour by hour. With the free offer for holiday home owners, it will thus be possible to gather the full overview of your electricity consumption in Barry’s app, where you get electricity for DKK 29 per month to all your addresses, as well as the full overview of the total consumption.

At Barry, there is no doubt that it can make a difference:

“We want to give power consumers the best conditions for making smarter, cheaper and greener choices in everyday life. Therefore, we want to make it easy for vacation home owners to make the same smart choices in their vacation home as they do with Barry in their year-round home. Ultimately, it is about making it as easy and accessible as possible for Danes to make the choices that make a difference to the wallet and the planet in everyday life, ”says Christophe Lephilibert, CMO at Barry.

Climate-friendly choices with smart electricity meters

Although many Danes increasingly think about the environment and green solutions on a daily basis, it has not been easy to see when one’s electricity comes from climate-friendly sources, or how much CO2 one’s electricity consumption emits. It has given the industry an opportunity to market 100% green power, while the reality is that the power in your outlet is the same no matter what electricity supplier you have.

But before the end of 2020, all Danish homes will have new, remotely read electricity meters installed. And it is thanks to these digital electricity meters that Barry can help Danes use electricity at the times when electricity is most climate-friendly.

“It is our vision to create the best digital solution to steer your power consumption in a green direction. We do this by showing you exactly how green your electricity is and how much CO2 it emits hour by hour – kWh for kWh. It is an alternative to suppliers that promise you 100% green power at box one without living up to it. ” says Christophe Lephilibert.