Daniele Sesini CEO of Dynamopet, the company specializing in the well-being of pets who bet on digital

Daniele Voice

It is in the Veronese company Dynamopet the new chapter of Daniele Voice. The manager, known face in the digital advertising industry with roles in various private companies and then in IAB Italy as general manager, joined the company, which markets food supplements for the welfare of pets, such as CEO with marketing and sales powers.

Dynamopet is riding the strong growth trend that characterizes the sector and has recently launched an operation fund-raising, curated by M&A Partners, aimed at providing the company with the resources necessary to implement the new Business Plan 2020-2023. The arrival of Daniele Sesini is part of this new course: Dynamopet, which to date has based its business on the sale of food supplements by veterinary medical prescription, aims in fact at one development on digital channels to strengthen brand awareness and increase the volume of business, as Sesini himself explained to Engage.

Daniele, what considerations are behind your entry into Dynamopet?

The project of an already solid company, which now has all the credentials to expand the field of action and aim for important and increasingly challenging goals. To date, the company has achieved a strong and authoritative positioning in the veterinary community, a strategically important element because it demonstrates the credibility of the brand and the real effectiveness of its products. Now we have to work to increase the brand awareness among the consumer and public expand the turnover, which I believe can grow with a “10x” multiplier in two years.

What is the new commercial strategy based on?

We have developed a strategy based on three key elements: the first is the launch of a new product line, “Natural Plus”, Addressed directly to pet owners, which responds to all the main wellness needs of our 4-legged friends. The second is a strong coverage of digital channels based on a new site optimized for SEO and e-commerce, on the upcoming opening of the Amazon channel and on the planning of continuous web campaigns aimed at acquiring qualified leads, entrusted to ByTek experts. The third, an improvement in the monitoring of physical channels: that of veterinarians in the first place, which we supervise through a network of scientific informants, and that of specialized stores that we will open shortly.

In the last few quarters, we have witnessed a certain euphoria in the animal feed and accessories sector: many brands, many campaigns, including television. How do you intend to position yourself and stand out in this scenario?

We tried to develop with the help of the agency KF Adv, a positioning that wants to tell our brand and our products with an unconventional, highly emotional and direct approach. An approach that we believe conveys the first ingredient of our recipes very well: love for animals and passion for our work. For this, for example, we open our new site dynamopet.com, that debuts online just today, with a slideshow showing some 4-legged testimonials who interpret the benefits of some of our strongest products in a nice and fun way, aimed at older dogs, immune defenses, strengthening the joints, and aesthetic beauty (below, a creatives). We believe a very strong and distinctive communication system that will be supported by major investments in the coming months, on online channels and, in perspective, not only.