Dalit to Carmel you didn’t know – Carmel and his beach

Looking from the top, the satellite (Google Earth map) view is easy to spot in the perfect spot where Dalit al-Carmel is; In the heart of Carmel Park, surrounded by green when not far away in the west is the blue of the sea. Dalit al-Carmel is the largest Druze settlement in the country (over 17,000 residents). The name meaning “Carmel vine” comes from the vineyards that surround it. For years, she has been carrying pictures of her familiar local market, and of course, the Druze and Lebanese pita. However, wandering for about half a day between the streets of the town reveals very quickly that there are many treasures and stories that lie between its alleys and its old and new houses alike. And first of all – the people.

View from the top of Dalit al-Carmel

History, art and culinary

The exposure of this tour was our guiding faith, Milky Ibtisam Which led us to wonderful history, art and culinary sites. For example, the visit to the Ottoman house of sturdy Sdika where we tasted not only the wonderful albana but also the kishek, a unique rectangular and burgundy dish that requires knowledge, love and much patience as its preparation requires long days of soaking and drying.

A sturdy crack prepares for a stone in her home

A sturdy crack prepares for a stone in her home

When the wonderful flavors are associated with stories, the taste, it seems, gets better. We realized this later in the evening when we arrived at Hakam Araida’s home, which told us something of her dramatic and exciting life story. There we also made sure of her unique legume dish called: Barbazina. Hakam hosts diners in her home for an authentic meal.

tree of Life

As mentioned Dalia – so it is referred to in short by the locals, is not just a market and Druze pita and exotic gastronomy. A winding tour of the beautiful little alleys, reminiscent of a little urban landscape of a small Greek city, brings us to the dairy workshop of Sam Halabi, a talented young painter who flashes colors on the drawing board and creates magical mirrors with depth, as if they were three-dimensional paintings. The dominant paintings in the milky workshop are trees. His colorful tree has been dubbed by art critics and other critics, he tells us, as the tree of life.

As a child, Sam says, when he was 13, following the fall of his father’s property, the family tried to sell his paintings – and succeeded!

We learn that in recent years, efforts have been made to advance the art of Dalia art. One of the clear examples of this process is the Dalia Stadium, one of whose sides is a long fence located on the main road of the locality. About a year ago, a well-known graffiti artist from the city of Sderot was invited to paint a wall with spectacular graffiti paintings. This is probably the longest graffiti wall in Israel.

Excerpt from the long graffiti wall in Israel

Excerpt from the long graffiti wall in Israel

Villa in the jungle

Speaking of art, it is hard to ignore the artist Huam Mustafa. Abyssinam, the roadmap, almost takes us by surprise into a narrow road and a beautiful house and grows in dimensions at its end, in the forest. It feels for a moment as if we have stepped into a legendary world where, within a small expanse of trees, some of Hame’s paintings await us, and of course she herself. The paintings are exciting. Here are a few words from Ziva Court’s Art Blog (“Beyond the Mirror”): “In her unique (Hiam) works, a gallery of women is shown in some to the viewer, others glance at it; figures hidden in the foreground are in the seam between being here and now and “As a living artist in the Druze society who is perceived as a conservative, they must deal with the dichotomy in which they exist; on the one hand, modern Israeli society, on the other, the Druze community with its unique culture.”

Sheam Mustafa, a painter, in her yard

Sheam Mustafa, a painter, in her yard

Al Khir estate and other surprises

The road infrastructure in Dalia is not one of the finest. We jerk the narrow, narrow road to reach the Khair Halabi compound. Halabi owned the al-Khair restaurant in central Carmel in Haifa for years, but decided to return home to set up a family estate in Dalit al-Carmel, a sort of country hotel with 6 guest rooms – “in the style of the past”. The complex is completely new and opens, in the cliff times, during the Corona days. The place also has a spa with sauna and hot tub, swimming pool, tavern cafe and restaurant. Corona days are not a good time to open new hosting sites. Still, if you can tap on the cannabis that Khair Halabi gave us for a taste, good days are expected. I wish.

Milky khir in the al-khir estate

Milky khir in the al-khir estate

Rural settlement naturally communicates with plants. Probably a large portion of readers and readers is about medicinal spices, alternative medicine and certainly gastronomy. If you like it or not, the Jasmine Center, located in one of Dalia’s old neighborhoods, is worth a look. There are spices, carob honey, herbs, soaps, ointments and also all kinds of locally-sourced Lipa drinks that cure to cure and nourish the mind and body.

Maklova at Hicham - Barbazina

Maklova at Hicham – Barbazina

Late at night when we leave Dalit al-Carmel, we pass again at the small Jamal place, located at the entrance to the settlement, near the Mukhara junction. In the morning we stopped there to taste, how not, his famous pita and lava. The stand is already dark, but the taste of the whitening moistens the lips again, for a moment, giving the visit another taste of good old.

Useful information

  • The energetic instructor – Ibtisam Dairy – Tel 054-3833360
  • Rakva – Beautiful Cafe / Restaurant Near Jasmine Center – 048367022
  • Jasmine Center – If Husam Puta – Spices, Herbs, Soaps – 054-6757028
  • Dairy Sam – the painter – 050-2257082
  • Il Jaba Khanna – The Ottoman House. crack – Prepares for Stones, Spice Blend and Kishek – 052-5586449
  • Al-Khir estate – Owner Khair Halabi – Druze restaurant, guest rooms, cafe, laundry room, brand new place. For reservations 04-8500090
  • Hyam Atar Mustafa – Painter, 04-8395952
  • Hakam Araida Barbina – Home hospitality – Druze food. Pre-booked for 5 people or more. There are also take-aways and deliveries. Tel. 050-2322258