cultural center is not a museum, we are open to living

Today, the Center for Russian Culture is completing the dismantling of the grilles that have been on the windows of this institution of national culture all these years. With a question why this is being done, turned to the head of the Russian House Natalia Kozhanova. According to her, this, paradoxically as it may seem at first glance, is connected with security considerations.

“In the coming days, a children’s day camp for 48 children will start working at the Center for Russian Culture. We are very carefully preparing for the reception of the guys, and one of the points that fire safety experts paid our attention to was the recommendation to remove the external grilles that cover the windows. The fact is that this requirement is contained in the Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers. If events are held in the building for 50 or more people at the same time, then there should not be grates that impede emergency evacuation in the event of an emergency. God forbid that something happens, then we will not justify ourselves and never forgive ourselves for these bars! ”, N. Kozhanova says.

As the head of the Central Control Commission explains, the grilles on the windows of this building were installed back in Soviet times, when there was a children’s reception center. Since then they have remained. “There is no historical value in them. And even our urban artists have repeatedly told us that the grilles spoil the appearance of the building, and they need to be removed. ” Indeed, the barred institution of national culture looks somewhat ridiculous.

As for the protection, it is, of course, in the CRC, it is a modern system, moreover, all values ​​are provided with a separate alarm system, security services react instantly, so there should be no fear from this point of view.

If we talk about fears that children, due to the injustice and curiosity inherent in young age, will not harm the collections and valuable exhibits of the Center for Russian Culture, then N. Kozhanova explained that part of the thematic rooms will be closed during the camp, tours will be held for children in them, but there will be no free access to rare exhibits of the collections of the Russian House.

At the same time, it should be understood that the center of culture is not a museum, but a living open organism, created and intended specifically for people, for active versatile work, creativity, joint leisure.

“We are very happy when people of different generations come to us – to the Russian House. They began active work with youth. Time passes, generations change, and we cannot lose continuity. We are an institution that cannot and should not exist without people, we must work for a large audience. And we hope that those guys who, thanks to the theme camp, get to know Russian culture more closely, and their parents will then become active participants and spectators of our events, ”says N. Kozhanova.

She also mentioned that in one of the media there was information about a letter from representatives of the Russian diaspora who were concerned about possible changes in the work of the Russian House. According to Natalya Kozhanova, many people who refer to the Russian community of the city also apply to her, including with words of gratitude for these changes and a desire to develop, and she is very grateful to everyone for this.

“We are open to any opinion, ready for dialogue. Unfortunately, none of the authors of the letter came to us. If people have an opinion that there is a problem, you are welcome, we will discuss the issue all together! ”, Summarized N. Kozhanova.